Welcome To Mephobia Designs!

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Welcome To Mephobia Designs!

What are the 6 Best Game of Thrones Youtube Channels?Welcome everyone. We are a new website and design company (though technically I do not know if you can call 2 people a company) and we are here to create as many designs as we can to be used on t-shirts and other apparel as well as phone covers, Tablet cases, bags, Aprons, Sportswear, hats and so on and we are using the platform Spreadshirt who will do all our printing and delivering.

We are excited for the year ahead and hope to bring many fun, crazy, serious designs to be used on t-shirts as the growing demand for uniquely designed t-shirts grows year by year. And as two crazy Game of Thrones (nerd-like) fan addicts we hope to bring some cool GOT designs to our site so watch this space fellow fan-addicts.

Using Spreadshirt

Because we do not have printing facilities and also have jobs (both chefs, find out more about us here) we decided that we wanted to create t-shirts but with out the pressure of having stock or printers. When we researched how to do this, and knowing about Zazzle and Teespring, we came across a Udemy course that teaches you how to create, design and sell, step-by-step with videos using Spreadshirt and this was very appealing.

The course was amazing and helped up set up two shops and now this website. We set up two shops, one a European Shop and the other A US shop because the two are completely separate, have different rules and laws, and we want to be able to share our designs to both markets so that means setting up two shops, lot of work but that’s the way she goes.

We are looking forward to the year ahead and getting as much feedback as we can. We also encourage suggestions about the site, or if you have any designs you would like created. We will also encourage you to share if you buy one of our designs, if it is something to wear, to send us photos and we will create a post as well as any promotion or links you would like shared.

For now, welcome and have a great day

Stephen & Lukas

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