Steps on How To Build Your Own Responsive Website Easily and with Little Money

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How To Easily Set Up A Website

Steps on How To Build Your Own Responsive Website Easily and with Little MoneyThese days, it is now easier than ever to set up your own website, and a lot of people have sites now as it is important to have an online presence especially if you have a business. Whether it’s for personal use or business, the days of needing to know a lot of code are gone, thankfully, or I would be screwed.

You can easily knock up a site with little investment, some places you can do it for free, but to completely own your site you will need to invest in a domain and hosting. The benefits of having your own website are huge and undeniable and here today, I’m going to give some guidance and tips on how and where you can go start your website building today!

Do Not Be Afraid!

Fear is one of the biggest factors I have come across in people wanting to own or build their sites, some just too afraid or lost and do not know where to start, and some pay huge money for a web designer to build the site (and I have seen some designers use WordPress and still charge people a lot of cash.)

But here is something, I will use myself as an example. I only learned to use a computer 7 and a half years ago. I still type with one finger haha! but fast like Bruce Lee. But I learned to build my first site using Site Rubix, a web development tool I used when I was a member at the Wealthy Affiliate University Community (where I learned everything I know).

Ok, stop laughing, but it was a step I gladly took, and from there, I went on to use WordPress with great training from The Wealthy Affiliate and other online web developers and I now own 14 Sites and growing. Here’s an example of one of my Halloween sites, Odes of Food , Its not bad for a person who just learned to use a computer, and over the last couple of years I have built many sites for clients.

Where To Start Learning To Build A Site?

I have a few ideas for people ready to take the plunge and build a site. If it’s for personal use, business, to make money, owning your own site is important, and makes you feel great too to see a site online you created, with people visiting and hopefully buying.

Novice, No Money, No Experience, Help!

#1 Hub-pages. This is a great place to start. Hub-pages is a place you can write about anything, while building mini pages, and it is free. I started here, writing Poetry and short stories and it led me to Internet Marketing, which is where I am Today yay! Check it out here =) Hub Pages I still write here because it is great for links back to my main sites.

# 2 WordPress Blog and Blogger. These are also great for starting out. Basically, you can set up a blog using one of these platforms, or both, set up as many blogs as you want, using web building tools. You can make it look like a site more than a blog too which is fantastic, and they are a 100% free, great. Check out here =) WordPress blog and also Blogger Blog

#3 Weebly. Again, another brilliant free website and page platform. Very easy to use with an easy drag and drop interface and free domain hosting. Check out here =)

Important Note: These are fantastic sites to play around with, get familiar with and start building confidence with, but, if you are serious about owning the site, you will need to invest. Having a site with one of these just means that they own the site, you do not. If they were to close shop, you could lose all your hard work and that would drive me bananas.

So what Can I Do Next Then!

Deciding you want to go solo and build your own site is a fine step. There are a few ways, easy and hard, but, of course I’m going to show you most the easy ways :-). Really you will need to familiarize yourself with some technical bits like Domains and Web hosting, and I would recommend some training, maybe you are training already, but if you are using your site for business with the intentions of making money, you will need to start learning about websites. Let’s take a look at the options….

Novice, Little Money, No Experience Help!

#1 Worpress. Now this is different from the blog. What you would need to do is buy a Domain ($7-8 a year) I use 1 and 1, basically the name of your site Eg., then join a hosting company to host this domain. I use Hostgator Hostgator, and they are fantastic. There are lots of hosting and domain companies. You would then upload the WordPress programme to your Domain name, it’s very easy, then wham bam! you have a site, and you can change themes, design it what ever way you like, and it is yours. The hosting is around a $100 a year and should be your only cost. Check it out here =) WordPress Websites


#2 Sitesell. Or Site Build it as it can be called is and all in one package of process, software, guidance, and help that enables anyone to create Web sites that build profitable businesses. They are a popular company indeed and can help you build great looking sites and they have fantastic training. The only downfall is it can cost up to $29 a month for it all or $199 a year and that is a lot if you are starting out especially when there are other options. Still, if you like, check them out here =)

#3 Squarespace. I really like Squarespace. This web-building platform provides some amazing templates with customizable layouts using drag and drop blocks and images. This platform is very moblie friendly and professional looking. They also provide domains with the packages. It runs around 12-18 dollars a month depending on whether you use it for personal or business.

#4 Go Solo. And here I mean, just get some one who is a web designer to build you a site using HTML codes or wordpress. If you pay a professional, you should get a professional looking website that is as modern, seo friendly, mobile friendly. These sites can be made quite amazing but they can also cost a bomb and you may not have as much control as you would with a WordPress site, especially a WordPress site with a blog as we have here. But if you have cash to throw around, and are too lazy to learn or do it, then by all means, fire away. You can check out the Best Web Design companies here =)

We also create websites here at affordable pricing-check it out.

Holy Smokes!!!

As you can see, there are choices in both Paid and free, and I’m sure there are a lot more, but to really own your site, you will have to invest, but again if it’s for business it is better that you own your site. For personal use and just for fun I would recommend the Free platforms.

What Shall I do?

It’s important to understand and know what you will be using your site for. Everyone now in business have their own sites, know what to do with them when it comes to building it, know how to promote them and know how to make money from them.

To be successful in this game you have to learn everything from SEO to keyword research etc. even if that means starting at the bottom. It’s possible to make money online with out a site, but it can be only pittance, and to build an income, weekly, monthly or yearly, been in control of everything you do is the key.

A while back it was easier to make money online, especially with out a site, but the Internet is moving fast and Google loves to change things around. Every aspect of marketing not only requires a website these days, it requires a well built website…one that:

(1) Is Relevant to the Keywords

(2) Is Unique from other sites and other pages on your site’

(3) Is a multi-page, relevant themed site

(4) One that follows all of the other SEO and PPC techniques

(5) A site that is responsive and mobile friendly

For your future, and your businesses future, decide which way you want to go and how you are going to do it. There is a lot of money to be made on the Internet and knowing the correct way and Learning how to do your trade is vital to your survival. I took the plunge by learning from the best techniques over the years and that is the reason why I am doing as well as I am now.


I hope this has been useful and gives you a fine perspective on where you want to go and how your are going to build your site. It is very exciting, and a little frustration at the same time, building your first site. But do it, and do it well, but also enjoy yourself. Working hard at it will pay off, it will take time, but you can make sales and eventually be comfortable making sites to make a regular income. Good luck, and squash the fear, it’s really just a putty cat 😉

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