Our Stunning New Animal Rights T-shirt Designs For Adults and Kids

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Our New Animal and Nature Designs

Our Stunning New Animal Rights T-shirt Designs For Adults and KidsWe get regular mail complimenting our Animal Right designs that Lukas keeps coming up with. We started this idea around three months ago, that we wanted to design Animal Rights t-shirts for both adults and children, babies even pets because it is a cause close to both of our hearts.

Over the next few years we are going to keep these designs coming to our website so if you have any interest be sure to subscribe to us to get the latest news on up-coming designs.

We want to create designs that can and will bring attention to animal abuse, but we also want to create designs that are cute and look great on children. Lukas has created and is still creating some damn good designs as you can see below for new born babies and actually, for all children’s ages.

In fact, we have been working on a baby clothing range over the past few months including the designs below so be sure to check out all the designs in the Kids section. These make excellent gifts for new mothers, your nieces and nephews etc.

These designs can be put on baby clothing, bibs, children clothing as well as adults. You can choose any colour and size by going here to the Mephobia Animal Rights design page. Our just go to the US shop or European shop we have created.

Check out the gallery below and click on through on any design you like. And as always, if you find a design and buy a t-shirt to wear, be sure to send us a photo here and we will add you to our websites gallery.

Keep an eye on us, plenty of cool artistic designs to come over the next few weeks.


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