Our Popular Game of Thrones Inspired T-shirt Designs

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‘The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.’

The seed is strong sperm t-shirt designIt’s no secret that the faces behind this website are crazy over the top Game of Thrones fanatics (ok, one of us is more than the other, the person writing this post) but it is true, I live and breathe the books and tv programme, on every forum and stalking every interesting Youtube channel.

So, we have decided to bring some Game of Thrones inspired t-shirt designs to our Mephobia Website. Now, this, I will not lie is a tricky little fecker because we have to be careful not to infringe on copyright and get ourselves in trouble. This does limit us but it also makes us create unique GOT designs you will see or buy nowhere else.

Since we partner with Spreadshirt, and they do all the printing (check out all about that here) they also take care of all the legal stuff, so, when we submit a design, we can only hope and cross the fingers that is passes. Most times, it does not and we have included a few of these here including the picture to the right, just to show ‘what could have been sigh’.

Our Popular Game of Thrones Inspired T-shirt DesignsAs always, these designs are created for both men and women and come in all sizes. You can choose any colour you want and remember if you are buying from Europe to buy a size down.

We can put these designs on anything from hoodies to mugs, you get what I mean and if you want a design put on any product, just contact us here. And as always, Subscribe to us for our latest news on up-coming designs and if you do buy, come back to us and upload a photo here and join our gallery and family.

Keep watch for an upcoming Game of Thrones post on where to watch the best GOT analysis, dissecting, history videos and discussions that people go crazy for. And leave a comment below on what you think of the designs.

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