March 21st Happy World Poetry Day T-shirts

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Happy World Poetry Day!

poets and writers charles bukowskiEvery March 21st, the world celebrates poetry and the writers who create this wonderful medium of communication. The day, and week, is a celebration of poetry, literature and free speech. Worldwide there are activities, readings, workshops and events aimed at encouraging creativity and bringing inspiration to local communities, as well as gorgeous words and sounds.

The amazing PEN International also uses today to highlight the imprisonment, torture, murder and abuse of poets, writers and journalists from around the world (check out this article here).

Also, today, if you have a poem, can recite a poem or can share one with your selected local coffee shop, you can get a free coffee, love this.

Each year this day becomes more popular which is fantastic since I am a huge poetry fan and writer. So, recently here on Mephobia Designs, as we stated at the start of the year when we made a plan to introduce our Silhouette and Hirsute style designs (which thank you all for the great feedback) we now created a Dead Poets & Writers Silhouette and Hirsute collection that we are going to grow and grow and grow.

happy world poetry dayToday we launch this collection in celebration of all the poets we love, the poets that have enriched our lives and the writers we grew up loving. We will continue to add our favourite writers to this site so make sure to subscribe to us to get the latest news on up-coming design releases of your favourite authors.

And if you have a favourite deceased author you can not find in the gallery, and would love to get a t-shirt created, contact us here and we will create one for you. All designs are for men and women, come in all sizes and you can choose any colour, and remember if you are buying from Europe to buy a size down.

We love these designs, these Silhouette and Hirsute and think they look amazing when worn. If you buy one and fancy taking a picture to share with us, just upload here and join the family.

We are a site, growing and with each month add a lot of brilliant designs so do not forget to subscribe.

Happy World Poetry Day!

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