Introducing Our New Silhouette and Hirsute T-shirt Designs

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Bring on the Cool!

Introducing Our New Silhouette and Hirsute T-shirt DesignsOur site is growing and growing, week by week and we are having a lot of fun creating new designs in many different markets (well Lukas is since he is the one with the skill) and there is a type of t-shirt design we both love and seems to be one of the most popular sellers and type of design amongst adults and these are the silhouette and hirsute designs you can see below.

We love them. After adding a Lemmy from Motorhead design after his untimely death in a post here, we decided that these were some designs we want to bring here to our site. These type of designs look amazing on t-shirts. Hirsute basically means hairy, bearded, shaggy etc. and along with the silhouette we can create many excellent designs of many people.

We are planning to build a huge collection of musicians, tv and movie personalities, writers, artists and poets, revolutionaries, politicians, Scientists, historical figures, Djs, and other mostly deceased personalities yet some will be living.

We want to break it into many categories such as women of soul music or science, singers of the 80’s, men of rock and so on, there will be many many cool looking famous people that will appeal to all our visitors, friends and customers that the best thing to do is to Sign Up here for our newsletter so you can keep informed with what brilliant designs in the silhouette and hirsute category we have coming throughout the year.

If you have any suggestions, or if there is a certain celebrity you would like to see on a design, contact us or leave a comment below and we will see what we can do. The more the merrier.

Here we have a taste of what is available. Go Here to check out all our Silhouette and Hirsute T-shirt Designs

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