6 Best Youtube Game of Thrones Reviews, Theory, Commentary and Analysis Channels

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What are the 6 Best Game of Thrones Youtube Channels?


What are the 6 Best Game of Thrones Youtube Channels?If you are like me, and the Game of Thrones books and tv show are not enough, and you love reviews, theory, commentary and analysis channels or would like to find some, well, just like when we decided to create our Game of Thrones t-shirts, I am going to share the 6 best places to go get everything you need to know, and find everything you did not know, about the brilliant Game of Thrones.

Why do this post? If you go now to Youtube and want to read reviews about episodes, or some explanations on GOT history or politics, there are literally thousands of channels, thousands, and most are not that good, you can be there all day finding the right source. I have 6 channels I have decided to stick with, 6 of the best I believe, though everything is subjective, so I am going to share these today for fellow GOT fanatics.

I urge you to visit these channels and subscribe. The 6 are all different in content and entertainment so there is GOT information from all angles. So in no particular order and with my favourite videos from the channels, I give you these.

1. Emergency Awesome

What are the 6 Best Game of Thrones Youtube Channels?Emergency Awesome is probably the biggest channel I will mention here. Run by Charlie Schneider, this channel is the first channel I came too a few years back when looking for more Game of Thrones juice to hook to my veins.

Charlie is definitely a full time YouTuber  as he also discusses the Doctor Who Series and Sherlock Series, Walking Dead, Arrow, The Flash Season and Legend Of Korra, Marvel, Avengers Age of Ultron, Star Wars Episode 7, Star Wars Rebels, Captain America Winter Soldier, Guardians of The Galaxy.

But it is only Game of Thrones I come here for and for me, out of the 6 here, charlie has the best layout and format. He’s very easy to listen to, very informative and probably the quickest to bring out videos when new GOT information hits the internet.

His videos discuss house histories, explanations on characters and events. He has a brilliant Q&A from the channel fans and his Top 10 WTF moments after each episode are probably the best on the net, fun and entertaining. Below is my favourite Emergency Awesome video, be sure to visit his channel here.

2. SmokeScreen

What are the 6 Best Game of Thrones Youtube Channels?SmokeScreen is just a damn fecking good channel run by Chris who describes his channel as having ‘Nerdtastic (Yes that’s a word) reviews, theory, and commentary of movies, trailers, and TV shows’, I looked up  ‘Nerdtastic’ in urban dictionary, ha, brilliant, new word to me and I love it.

Chris is very informative when it comes to GOT and has one of the best ways, straight up serious ways, of explaining parts of GOT that go way over our heads such as Visions, Jon Snow Theories and other theories explanations and his episode recaps are top class and will point out tons of stuff from the show you may have missed.

His A Song of Ice and Fire book knowledge makes my head spin and the way he incorporates it into his video discussions is excellent. Lately, Chris has teamed up with Because Geek (below) to create season 6 predictions for each character on the show which I think many fans will find very interesting.

Again, a damn good no-bull channel and Chris will have you reaching to re-read or to start reading A Song of Ice and Fire. Below is my favourite SmokeScreen video and be sure to visit his channel here.

3. Because Geek

What are the 6 Best Game of Thrones Youtube Channels?Probably, actually, the most fun out of all 6 is Val from Because Geek who states ‘I share my passions with my viewers and those passions are.. well, quite geeky.’ and I have to agree, Val is probably the most geeky and quirky of the bunch and it’s one of the reasons that I love her channel, apart from all the great content too of course.

Because Geek is new on the scene but quickly making a name for herself. She is the Inspector/ investigator of the bunch, quite often bringing us videos of secret filming locations, casting news and photographs (with plenty of spoiler alerts, though I do kick myself after watching, damn you Val)

But more importantly, Because Geek is brilliantly and highly informative about the TV series and books and in a warm, charming and always funny manner, instantly likeable, amusing and gratifyingly knowledgeable about  A Song of Ice and Fire.

As stated up above, Because Geek and SmokeScreen have teamed up to create Season 6 character predictions and the videos are highly entertaining, jam-packed full of useful GOT past and future analysis, two great minds for the price of one video, outstanding.

Below is my favourite Because Geek video and it’s a recent one. Val’s videos are usually no longer than 20 minutes but she hit the 43 minute here yikes, but, there has been a rake load of Season 6 trailer breakdown videos but I have to say, this is the best of them all, a must watch before the season begins. Visit Because Geek channel here.

4. Alt Shift X

What are the 6 Best Game of Thrones Youtube Channels?Dare I say it, should I say it, feck it, I’ll say it…Alt Shift X is my favourite GOT YouTuber that when I get an email informing me of a latest video I jump with ants in ma pants. I can’t find Alt Shift X first name so this adds more mystery to the voice (sounds Auzzie) behind the videos.

Alt Shift X is so damn good. Very well presented videos, handled concisely, and almost scientifically, highly informative, very detailed and like Because Geek, a bit of an inspector/investigator using the books with thought-provoking well-crafted seriously researched videos.

Alt Shift X likes to concentrate on fan-theories and use what evidence is available to either agree or debunk the theory. Take for example these video titles: Does Oberyn poison Tywin? Daario=Euron: are Daario Naharis and Euron Greyjoy the same person?, HS=HR: is the High Sparrow secretly Howland Reed?, Tyrion Targaryen: is Tyrion the Mad King’s son? (a favourite of mine) and Bolt-On: is Roose Bolton a skin-stealing immortal? 

Also, Alt Shift X has my favourite ASOIAF video on YouTube that I love to re-watch over and over and that is his Arya video (below). Arya is probably one of the most popular characters and this very well presented brilliant video really shows you how much of a screwed up child she is and how she has the saddest story line. It really hits the heart this video and I love the possible outcome he gives us at the end.

Alt Shift X has a lot of brilliant videos, so much engrossing content, sometimes with dark subtle humor, you will love this channel. Check it out here.

5. Got Academy

IWhat are the 6 Best Game of Thrones Youtube Channels?‘ve only recently come to Got Academy and spent best part of a night going through most of their content, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it is and how much I enjoyed it because to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure at the start.

These guys, Itamar and Gil really know their stuff. Both discuss Game of Thrones from a political and historical perspective while comparing the books to real history and political events in a very entertaining manner.

Let me warn you, Got Academy has a lot, and I mean a lot of videos. I’m not even half way through yet. It’s the comparison to real life history that is amazing here (big history geek that I am) and the videos really do show you how the astonishing mind of George R.R. Martin works and his knowledge of history.

The videos are engaging and fun, informative and passionate. After watching all these channels your view and the way you watch Game of Thrones will be changed for the better. Below is my favourite Got Academy video. Check out their channel here.

6. What the Flick

What are the 6 Best Game of Thrones Youtube Channels?Every time I watch a new Game of Thrones episode I look forward to the reviews and analysis from the above, but my favourite after show reactions is from the guys at What the Flick.

The What the Flick guys are from the brilliant TYT network and compose of Ben Mankiewicz (host of Turner Classic Movies), Matt Atchity (Editor-in-chief Rottentomatoes.com), Alonso Duralde (TheWrap.com and Linoleum Knife podcast) Christy Lemire and sometimes the amazing Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur.

Most are movie and TV reviewers and critics, so it is always fun to here what they have to say about the episode, to look at their reactions which can be very funny, but also hear what their critical dissecting of the episode. The shows usually run for 30 minutes to an hour and compose of normally 4 of the guys discussing the episode, intelligently,  always very amusing and entertaining.

Below is my favourite What the Flick episode, it’s hilarious. Go subscribe to the channel here. Really is excellent.

What are the 6 Best Game of Thrones Youtube Channels?

‘Tell us your favourites below…introduce us to new channels!’

So there you have it. Go check out these channels. You really have to appreciate the work these guys put into each video for our entertainment, so hats off.

I know there are plenty out there that I could include here such as RedTeamReview, I just can’t warm to him and Preston Jacobs who actually has some great videos, but when I checked out his season 6 breakdown it was pretty weak so I decided, these are my 6, time is short and I get everything I need from these brilliant channels.

Leave a comment below if you watch these channels, your views, are there any channels that I really, really, really need to visit? And check out our GOT t-shirt designs that we are going to keep producing through out the year here.


Sadly, we are a season away from the end, and still no books insight. But there is also much talk about prequels. So that is exciting.

And over the last couple of years, though I still religiously watch the above channel, I now watch a couple more. And thanks to the comments below, these help brilliantly.

7. Rawrist

Rawrist is damn cool. She is all over this Song of Ice and Fire thing. With tones of videos from the playlists such as North/Stark History, Review videos, Theory videos, Targaryen History, a Dunk and Egg series, she has so many great videos, well worth checking out. Check out her channel here.


8. The Last Harpy

The Last Harpy has some really very in-depth videos on cool topics and character breakdowns. Check out The Last Harpy Channel here..

9. Scriva TV

Now I have to say I LOVE THIS CHANNEL, love it. It has all the history and lore animated videos from all the blu rays and dvds, plus they create their own history and lore animated videos. You will be on this channel all day. Highly recommended for all A Song of Ice and Fire lovers like me. Check out this channel here.

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  1. These look great!

  2. Anonymous

    How is “New Rockstars” not on this list!?

    • Well, simply because we did not know about them. So I went on and checked New Rockstars out, not impressed, way too over the top and very much like E News or TMZ, reading scripts. Thanks for the pointers though, always appreciated.

  3. You need to check out phil the issues guy he has a posse; katie the crow, her hubby joe, carmine and some other folks that join phil
    From time to time little ears warning he does drop f bombs so its ONLY FOR ADULTS TO HEAR
    They are deceptively funny yet very intune with papa george and storylines, reveals, sometimes extras on GOT will send phil some new info. He really has an entertainer adult style that his videos just rip by time wise so don’t let the one or two hour reviews scare ya! If you a devoted GOT fan Phil The issues guy is worth checking out.

    • Marge, a big thank you for this. As devoted GOT fans, this is a nice addition. Great videos by Phil, enjoyable and very funny. Thank you again.

  4. Emergency Awesome is an idiot who dose not know anything about game of thrones. he is one of the brainless morons that HBO has been dumbing down there show for since season 4 ruining George R.R. Martins ASOIAF.
    apart from Alt Shift X the rest are OK at best. the real best are Preston Jacobs, IdeasOfIceAndFire and Rawrist

  5. Does anyone know the Channel ran by two guys say mid thirties with beards literally looked everywhere for it think they also review walking dead and other shows

  6. I like the last Harpy

  7. The Last Harpy is simply regurgitating old ideas and has no actual analysis or opinion. Not to mention he started by buying views and plagerizing articles. http://dramaalert.com/forum/threads/the-last-harpy-plagiarism-the-most-obvious-case.3422/?ckattempt=1

    Of course he has since deleted comment threads on this and added “sources”.

    • Very Interesting Mike, I did not know this, though I choose not to view The Last Harpy anyway simply because I watch enough of others.

  8. muffin6369

    Without a doubt EA Charlie is the best. I also watch Alt Shift X, The Last Harpy, and have cautiously started to watch Game of Theories. I used to watch Preston Jacobs also but sometimes he gets too silly with the scenarios and voices etc. I absolutely hate the TV show with Cenk and the dumb girl who knows ZERO about GOT. What people need with this show is KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT ICE AND FIRE. I just found out something I NEVER knew about the Warging Starks. I just love it when I’m informed in a humorous yet serious, clever and yes sometimes a sarcastic way if applicable. GOT fans don’t want to listen to someone they can TELL really doesn’t know Jack!!!!! Real bad grammar there. We don’t High Five Charlie anymore we are his squad!!! Luv u Charlie!!!!

    • Ye I agree with you but on the other hand, What the flick is balance and a bit of fun, escape the seriousness of the other shows we love.

  9. Just finished watching Season 7 Episode 7 – in late Aug 2017. Thank you for these recommendations. But i realize it’s been more than a year since you created these recs. Would you add a few more now OR take away one or more of these now, at this point ?? Thank You for your shared time, intelligence, & effort !! – Joe Paris

    • Hi Joe. That is a great question and you are right, it is time to update this list and add to it. I will get on to it. One more year to go sigh

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