4 Brilliant Predator Movie T-shirts and Other Apparel Designs

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If It Bleeds We Can Kill It..

4 Brilliant Predator Movie T-shirts and Other Apparel Designs
We are massive Predator movie fans here at Mephobia Designs and Arnold Schwarzenegger fanatics. As young boys we grew up with the Predator movies especially the first which is of course the best, and a classic, so we decided to try out some designs for our website simply because even though the first movie was made all the way back in 1987 (that’s right, in 2017 the movie will be 30 years old yikes) the interest and demand for anything to do with the movie is still growing strong.

There is a Predator costume and fan page I have been running for the last few years for fun, and regularly people would message about t-shirts for the page but I never had the skill to create. Now that I have a brilliant graphic artist to work along side we have created 4 Predator designs which we hope people will like and share.

All these designs are for adults as well as children, come in all sizes and any colour you like. Also, as per usual these designs can be put on any apparel or product from mugs to hats etc just go to the shop and play around. Check out all designs at our Euro shop or at our US shop and if you choose a t-shirt, love it and want to take a picture and share it with us for the website, just go here to Share a pic and upload and feel free to comment about what you think of the designs we have created below.

We have heard or read about a new Predator movie so hopefully Arnie will be back, so watch this space where we hope to keep all Predator fans up-to-date, even Subscribe to us for latest news. Hasta la vista, baby.

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