3 Easy Steps on How To Set Up Your First Website

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Build A Website- It's Easier Than You Think!

Steps on How To Build Your Own Responsive Website Easily and with Little MoneyHow to set up a website easily and painless is the top question on the Internet these days, and in reality, the hard sweating days of coded websites are no longer the burden of the ordinary Joe Soaps.

Nearly everybody has a site these days, whether for business or pleasure, it has become very simple indeed and you can either do it for free or pay a small fee.

But, if you are a business owner, or planning to own a business, in today's world, a website is a must. It is easy to find places that can guide you. There are so many youtube videos, courses, pdfs out there to guide you and make it simple.

We started building affordable websites for people who have a small budget but do not have the time to create there own. But, if you have the time yourself you can take your time, and build a functioning site easily.

But where do you start? Do you pay a web designer a lot of money to build you one when you have a tight budget? Or you have no products but want to be an Affiliate, Do you still need a website?

Here are Three Solid Tips That Answer These Questions

1 Where To Start?

You want to start a site to make some cash but have little money. My advice here is use Hub-pages, Weebly, Word-press blog or blogger. These are free easy platforms for starting out, easy to use and help you get into the mind frame of site building. The only drawback is you do not own the site or page you have created.

2 Ok, Let's Pay A Web-Designer!

No, lets not. Seriously, building your own site is as easy as using any of the above these days. You basically buy a domain name which is your name (business or pleasure) example: Johngreen.com or Dogwashing.org, it's yours once you buy it, and the cost is around $10 or less a year, pittance.

Join one of the many, yet top and safe Hosting companies around. Basically, this is where you will build and keep your site, and the cost is about $100 or less a year, again, beats paying a web designer up to $2000 as I have seen.

And your simple task, is uploading word-press to your server, with the click of a button, and there you have it, a site, just waiting for you to add content, very easily maintain and design, and it is yours, very exciting.

Now, of course, there is a little more to it than that, but most Hosting companies, as well as word-press, have great tutorials and videos that can help and make it very easy.

3 I Just Want To Be An Affiliate, I Do Not Need A Website!

I can not emphasize this enough, it is very important to own a site these days, and as you can see, it is quite easy to set up. It is not impossible to make money online without a site of course, but owning a site for a particular product you are selling gives you more power and better chances of making more money.

It is easy to set up a web site period. Yes, a little hard work is required, but you are reading this, which means you are at a computer and are able to use it so you should have the ability to take things a step further.

Fear is a big factor in people turning away from the idea of owning their own sites, do not let fear win, build your first site, choose the platform you want to use, and do not forget to also enjoy yourself and make it fun.

For More Information and great tips on setting up your first website click here on how to set up your first website.


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