Vintage Hollywood Scandals

by Jess

Vintage Hollywood Scandals - Loretta Young and Judy LewisImagine growing up as the adopted daughter of the beautiful starlet Loretta Young.

Then you find out you are not actually adopted and that Loretta was in fact your mother, that she had become pregnant very young to a married man and went away on a ‘vacation’ to hide her pregnancy. After giving birth, she dumped you off at an orphanage for about 2 years and then came back to get you, bringing you home and claiming you were her ‘adopted baby’. Yikes.

Then you proceed to the next question, “who is my dad?” Eventually, rumors start to hit your ears (the ears your mother had pinned back in an operation when you were 7, because they were too big) rumors that your dad is probably Clarke Gable. (Suddenly the ears make sense) You confront your mother about it after giving birth to your first child. She becomes violently ill and says you are “just a walking mortal sin” Um, yikes again.

So it would seem your dear old mom and daddy Clark had an affair while filming the ‘Call of the Wild’. You were the result of that affair and mom being a devout Catholic, felt she had no choice but to keep you, but resented you for reminding her of the sin she had committed. At this stage dad has been dead for 5 years.

Your name is Judy Lewis and this was your life. Imagine.

Lewis went on to write a book about her experiences called Uncommon Knowledge. She was also a successful, actress, producer and therapist. She passed away November 25th.

The book she wrote is no longer being printed or at least that’s what I would like to assume, seeing as how the only one on Amazon is currently priced at 500 bucks. Holy crap.

Either way, that’s what I call a proper Hollywood scandal. Not like the muck we get these days, fake Kardashian weddings and Courtney Stodden. Bleugh.