Poets & Writers

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We have been very busy building and creating lots of designs and the feedback from our visitors and customers has been overwhelming. As we continue to build on our popular Silhouette and Hirsute designs, we will be creating many external categories and here now we bring our new, Poets and Writers t-shirt and other apparel designs. We are going to keep creating throughout the year and hope to have hundreds of peoples favourite authors. Send us a mail if you have a favourite deceased author you would like us to create. If you want one created for a specific size or for a child, just contact us here and say hello. So expect tons of designs and subscribe to us to get the latest up-coming designs, straight into your mail box. Check out the Gallery too for all our designs. Tip: We have purchased t-shirts from both shops, our European Store and our US Shop, and as we are based in Europe, we found the postage much cheaper when buying from the US plus always buy a size down when buying from the US. Enjoy