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High Quality  - Your video represents you, your product, your music/band or business. Low-quality animation can do much more harm than good. We use the highest level of animation techniques taking time with pleasure and skill to make sure your video not only looks good but performs just as well.

Your Vision - We create what you see. We do animations for companies promoting businesses and our most popular creations are Lyric Videos for bands which we create and produce on a regular basis. Provide the information/lyrics, idea and let us bring it to life.

Control Design – You will control the lyric video production process with your revisions. We send multiple previews to every customer.

Unlimited Revisions - Feel comfortable knowing you can make as many changes you want at every stage of our production process, without having to pay anything extra. Your video isn't done until you're 100% happy with everything!

Competitive Price – We will offer the best option for any budget. Good looking video for a low budget and a lot of animation movies for custom projects. 


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Animated videos are becoming one of the most popular genres and tools for getting your message to your customers or followers whether you are a personal business owner, a company, a solo artist or band; having an animated lyric video has massive potential to attract and connect with the people you need.

Fans, followers, customers like to watch professionally animated lyrics in the video and share them on social networks.

We also do professionally made animated videos with out lyrics.

In the music industry we have successfully worked with many bands, singers, labels, management teams from all around the world.

From metalcore, rap, electronic, alternative, post-hardcore to pop music.

We also offers custom full animated music videos.

Do you want to impress your viewers? Do you have an idea, some lyrics, need a striking eye-catching video to promote a product or company?

Get in touch with us. It all starts with a chat and hopefully some business.

High Quality Affordable Animated Lyric Videos



    1. Send us your track, lyrics & some favorite lyric videos as references.
    2. Send us you product, business ideas, actually, any idea you have.
    3. Discuss project details with us, production, time-frame, price.
    4. Get the first 1/2 prepayment PayPal invoice.
    5. Check out the first ~30sec preview.
    6. Let us know your revisions.
    7. Get a full preview (revisions again, if needed)
    8. Finalize with the second part of payment.
    9. Get your lyric video/Business video in HD, release it!


We offer amazing customer satisfaction, communication, patience and professionalism.


We want our clients to be more than happy with the work we do here at Mephobia Designs and will tirelessly work with you to get that professional video you crave.

If you need to see samples of what we can do and what we have done in the past for other clients be sure to ask us and we will send some on to you.

So have a chat with us today and see what we can create.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Mephobia Designs Team