Funny Creature from the Black Lagoon T-shirts

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Centuries Of Passion, Pent Up In His Savage Heart!

Funny Creature from the Black Lagoon T-shirtsAs lovers of old classic movies, The Creature from the Black Lagoon is one of our favourites. With a remake slowly, very very slowly in the making and staring Scarlet Johansson, this will shine some light on the classic monster from the original movie and cast him back into the limelight.

We wanted to create a design that appealed to both children and adults and we think we have done that with the design below. It is fun, can work for children in all sizes and colours as well as adults especially parents.

We have had good feedback already so are delighted to add it to our ever growing t-shirt design collection so if you purchase any apparel and would love to send us in a photo to add to our site just go here and upload.

We have mixed feelings about the movie remake as most are usually useless and over the top. The original, though a little cheesy and silly, still is a fantastic watch and we recommend watching it. So much fun and to think this movie scared the shite out of everyone in the 50’s is hilarious. Check out the video below.



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