Model History Dovima

Famous Model History with Dovima aka Dorothy Virginia Margaret JubaDorothy Virginia Margaret Juba, better known as Dovima, was one of top model names of the 1950’s. Some would debate she was the model of the 1950’s and not Suzy Parker. I still prefer Suzy’s sister Dorian Leigh, but then that’s just a personal choice! All 3 women had very different looks, Dovima’s was one of haughty sophistication.

Dovima took her name by adding the first 2 initials of her 3 names together. The name was originally created by her, for the invisible friend she created while being ill with rheumatic fever when she was ten and subsequently kept in doors by her over protective mother for 7 years. (eek)

Discovered outside a Manhattan automat, (a what? you say?I know I had to look it up) A woman working for Vogue, spotted her and dragged her up to the Vogue offices, the very next day she was shooting with the famous Irving Penn. (some women have all the luck)

Dovima was already married to her upstairs neighbor at the time she was discovered (of course she was, since she wasn’t allowed to leave the house for 7 years) However she divorced him to marry her second husband, Alan Murray.

Famous Model History with Dovima aka Dorothy Virginia Margaret JubaAlan was an angry bitter man, who beat her continuously, sometimes so bad she couldn’t show up to work. When she finally decided to leave him, she took her then 2 year old daughter Alison to live with her in L.A. Alan claimed she kidnapped her own daughter and she lost custody of her. She never saw Alan or her own daughter again

Sadly at this point in her life the modeling and acting roles had started to dry up and she had neglected to save much money. She moved to Florida to be near her parents and took up a job, working as a hostess in a restaurant. It was here she met her 3rd husband.

They were together for 12 years and married in 1983, sadly he died just 3 years later from cancer. ( I take back the former ‘all the luck’ statement) She herself was diagnosed with cancer a few years later and passed away in 1990. Through it all though, she seems to have remained fairly upbeat, I love this quote by her,

“The only ‘has been’ is one who has been. You have to Have Been in order to be a has been”