Famous Model History - Suzy ParkerSuzy Parker. THE model of the 1950’s, red hair, green eyes and at 5’10 was told she was too tall. (ha!) Dorian Leigh’s younger sister, who was the first model to make 200 dollars an hour and 100,000 in one year.

The Beatles even named a song after her.

Best friends with Coco Chanel and modeling contracts with everyone from Revlon to Simplicity, Suzy’s modeling status soared passed her sisters and I would imagine was the cause of the rivalry that led to their eventual fall out.

When Suzy died of renal failure in 2003, Dorian did not attend her funeral.

Suzy was not just a model she also acted in several movies and television shows between 1957 and 1970, the most notable being ‘Kiss them for me’ staring Cary Grant and Jayne Mansfield.

I also found a great little video clip of her on a television show called ‘Whats my line?’ I’ve attached it to the end of the post, well worth a little watch!

Famous Model History - Suzy ParkerI think Suzy Parker was stunning, but, I actually prefer her sisters pictures. What do you think?