Donald Trump Repeatedly Saying China Funny Video and T-shirt

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China China China China China!!!

Donald Trump Repeatedly Saying China Funny Video and T-shirtA while back the Huffington Post released one of their Huffpost Movie Mashups featuring Donald Trump repeatedly saying the word China. Now, I know that does not sound funny but I could not stop laughing, simply because how ridiculous the video is plus also how funny and scary it is for a man in Trumps position to be so infatuated with another country and to be constantly using the word China in sentences.

It’s a funny video and it made us create the Donald Trump China T-shirt design you see below. Mr Trump is in a love-him hate-him relationship with people of the world right now and let’s be honest, sometimes he’s funny, sometimes.

Check out the video below and our Silhouette and Hirsute t-shirt designs created for a bit of fun. as always the t-shirts come in all colours and sizes, if you are buying from Europe remember to always buy a size below your usual. Share a picture if you wear one and subscribe to us too. Enjoy


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