Always Evolving, Our Darwin Day Inspired T-shirt Designs

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Happy Darwin Day February 12th

Always Evolving, Our Darwin Day Inspired T-shirt DesignsBecause science is much loved here at Mephobia Designs and because we plan to bring a lot of amazing science inspired t-shirts, today we introduce some Charles inspired designs on this day, February 12th, a day of celebration on the birth of Darwin.

We do not need to go into how remarkable the contribution and impact on biology, cosmology, and the scientific process Darwin and of course Wallace had, a huge impact and the biggest chance in thinking in the scientific world still today.

Check out here what Darwin Day is all about with this excellent resource. And below we have created two designs in our favourite and popular Hirsute and Silhouette style. Remember you can change colour, style, even garment with these so play around. When we buy from Europe we find that if you are a person who buys Large, then you must buy Medium when buying from the US.

We have found the delivery to be much cheaper when buying from our US shop. Anyway, Happy Darwin Day!

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