We will create your Logo, Poster or Flyer for you personally or your business

What We Can Do For You

Our in house experienced graphic designer, illustrator and musician with 10 years of experience in graphic design specializes in Motion Graphics Animations, Logo designs, Poster, Flyer and T-shirt Design which means most of the projects that we get to work on are pretty exciting. We offer the most affordable and competitive prices not to be beaten anywhere online. All business need the following below or maybe you need it personally, let us chat together and design EXACTLY what you are looking for.


These promotional tools made of paper  are easy, inexpensive ways to tell the world a social cause, an offer, a business or an organization and helps attracts potential customers.


Eye catching promotional tools that are printed on paper though they are posted (and hence the name) on places meant for them. Our posters are designed in such a manner that they are very attractive to look at and contain both text and graphic material. These of course can be used as a digital promotion too. We have created many for clubs and venues in Ireland and Slovakia.


Also called logotype, a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc, often uniquely designed for ready recognition. We have created logos for companies, restaurants, artisans and trades people. It is something we great great pleasure in designing.

How it works?


You may have an idea of what you want? You may have a design in mind? You may not have a clue where to begin? We are here to help.

What ever you need, for any purpose you just contact us and tell us your needs, it's as simple as that.

We will talk business with you, cater to everything you want, come up with a selection to choose from, go with the design you chose, revise it if needed until you are 100% satisfied then we send it on in the format of choice.

As well as designing websites, we love these formats and take great care and love while creating designs for people and there business.

Your success helps our success and makes everyone happy all-round.

So just contact us below and getting chatting with us with your idea and what we can do and we will also give you a quote.

If you are happy with what we have got to say, then let's get started in creating whatever design it is you need.


We look forward to hearing from you.

The Mephobia Designs Team