Our Products Have Wings of Their Own

Because we decided to open two shops through one website (this is down to different publishing, licensing, distribution laws) there are of-course different shipping costs. As we live in Ireland, we tried both ordered from Europe and the US and our results were fascinating.

Logically, the shirt that came from Europe (Germany) was much quicker than the one from the US, but the shirt we ordered from the US worked out cheaper due to lower tax. So, if trying to save a few quid, and you find a design you like, try both shops that we have, the US Shop or the Euro Shop and see which works out cheaper for you as the product will be the same, apart from the delivery time depending where you are based. It also works out cheaper if you are buying more than one. Below is the US chart from the Spreadshirt website. Any questions, contact us.

* Also, Spreadshirt also offers free shipping sometimes again depending where you live and how much you are buying

Mephobia Shipping Costs