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Who or what are you?

We are two friends, two chefs, Stephen and Lukas, both living in Galway west of Ireland, one more handsome than the other, the other more talented than one who thinks he’s handsome.

What’s the buzz with this site?

Well both of us love art and design but one of us is actually a talented graphic designer, so when in work one day a t-shirt conversation came up and potential designs that could be created (mostly the talk was about Game of Thrones art) and we said, let’s create our own and bam, here we are (you can find out more about us here)

Are you stuck in some room creating cheap-made t shirts?

Not a chance. As chefs, time is our enemy and no friend, so after researching we came across a set-up-a-shop course on Udemy using Spreadshirt, we took the course and it helped us set up 2 shops. We researched all the print-on-demand t-shirt websites and decided to go with Spreadshirt because the reviews were positive, the quality of the printing and garment was important to us, and after making a couple of purchases, we were delighted with what Spreadshirt had on offer.

So, when I get my shirt it will not fall to pieces after a wash?

If it does, we will personally fly over to you and stitch it back up…but of course, that’s never going to happen because your t-shirt or what ever you buy will be of the highest quality. Spreadshirt uses plot-printing (find out all about that here) it’s the printing methods we use and it’s the best. The old iron-on style of printing does not go near these shirts, it’s all modern of the highest quality which is why these POD designs are growing in popularity.

Would you lie?

No No No fecking way. Sure, if the quality was low, we wouldn’t, no one, would have a business, the power of the internet is strong. The tees Spreadshirt offers are excellent, even the cheapest which are called ‘Standard Weight’ are a lightweight fabric but feel and look amazing. Truth my friend.

What’s the Damage? How much do these shirts cost? Are you going to rob us?

Luckily we are no Dick Turpin or Bonnie and Clyde. To see how much they cost just click on the design. It varies plus also depends what country you come from, what currency, what type of garment you choose or what type of product you put our design on (aprons, hats, mugs, pants the list is endless) It varies from around $14-$25 in the US and 15e-24e Europe (our t-shirts are usually $18 or 22e which is excellent for the unique design and quality fabric you get) Again it all depends on Spreadshirt and their costing, but reasonable don’t ye think.

And sizes, do you cater for all or are you a horrible discriminating pair of…?

All sizes, all all sizes are catered for from extra small to the very large to the tall and children sizes too, you just need to play around and grab your size and each product has a link to a size chart. Just click on the specific product and click on the size chart link.

Is it just shirts you use your designs on?

There is a big wonderful bag of tricks out there waiting to be discovered. By going to the Spreadshirt website you can use our designs on let’s see, mugs, hats, bandanas, phone covers, stockings, leggings, hoodies, sports wear, Christmas ornaments, stockings and hats, bags, Laptop bags, mouse pads, blankets, Teddy Bears, travel mugs, flasks, Baseball caps, iPad cases, underwear, bras, sports bras, Pet bandanas, Large buttons, Pregnancy and maternity tops, boxer shorts and thongs, gift vouchers, umbrellas and flip flops phew! to name but a few…crazy but that’s why we love this platform for our designs.

Where do you ship to? Do you deliver it yourself?

If we could we would and with a great big smile but we leave it all to our big creator in the sky. There are two shops, a US Shop and A Euro shop depending where you are from. We have created a shipping page here which explains all.

If I don’t like it, where do I return it?

Hmm… now since we do not print the products because we could never have the amount of stock needed or the space or machinery or the skill we leave that all up to Spreadshirt. Where if there is a case of damage, wrong size and so on, they have an excellent return policy and always glad to help, considering each design that is turned into a shirt is uniquely made to order you as a customer will be treated uniquely too.

So, we like what you do, how do we stay in touch?

Excellent, we want to build a nice big family. We have created a subscribe page here or to the top on the right where if you want to hear about new designs we will be sending out a mail only here and there. Plus we are on Facebook and Pinterest, see to the right and below and come join us, we will be delighted to get to know many from around the world. And for anyone who buys a design, wears it and wants to share a picture, we have set up a page here to do so, and we would absolutely love to share pictures of our customers.

And you wont ask us for our bank details or try sell us penis enlarging pills?

Ah now, come on, unless…..

Any questions, fire ahead below

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