Mephobia Designs, Who We Are?

Two chefs, one a graphic designer, one a writer, one a musician, one a non-musician, one an Artist, one a web-designer, both coming together with a love of designs and clothes to create a website and a couple of shops to share and sell their creations (see below for profiles).

We have being creating websites since 2011 and have combined our skills of marketing and design to create this site and set up a helpful successful business. We design very affordable websites using our professional wordpress experience keeping our prices low but quality high because we know this can be done and having a website these days should not be outrageously expensive as we see everywhere online.

We also create amazing logos, flyers, posters, lyric videos, animated videos for personal use or for small businessess, start ups, companies, anyone. Check out around our site and contact us today.

We also came across a few websites created by other designers selling t-shirts and other apparel and we decided that this was something we wanted to do too, looked like fun and after some research decided to use Spreadshirt and Merch as our platform and printer.

We also use Redbubble, Zazzle and Teespring but we love Spreadshirt because they have excellent reviews on the quality of their stock and printing, plus we found a course on Udemy called How to Make Money With a Free eStore’ by Lisa Irby which is a brilliant step-by-step guide with videos to setting up a shop with Spreadshirt, highly recommended for anyone interested in learning how to set up a shop.

Why Mephobia? When we were looking for a name we wanted something fun, unique and weird and came across Mephobia which is beautifully described as ‘The fear of becoming so awesome that the human race can’t handle it and everybody dies’ crazy and fun so we chose this to be our brand name.

We now have two shops, one for the US market and one for the European market. With our designs (you can tell who is the graphic designer and who isn’t ha!) you can create with Spreadshirt, t-shirts, hoodies, jumpers, bandanas, pet bandanas, hats, aprons, phone covers etc the list or apparel is endless.

We can also design on request for t-shirts or for websites, send us a mail here if you would require any personal designs.

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Lukas Beles


Lukas Beles was born in Slovakia in 1986 and got his first guitar on his 15 birthday. 2 years later he joined the rock band Koma in position of a lead guitarist and with in a few years they were playing bucket loads of LIVE gigs while working working on their first record. After school when he was 20 years old, he took a job in big car Factory but after 1year decided to move the Ireland ...that was 2007. After only a few weeks he got a job in a kitchen, just because he could not make music and didn't know anybody in Ireland.  So he looked for other hobbies ... diving into Photoshop and digital ART design. He thought himself everything and after 2 year came to Adobe After Effect and made his first music video. Still living in Ireland he also learned how to cook and became a chef, and in his free time, makes music and music videos, music clip,posters, covers and t-shirt designs.

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Stephen Byrne


Stephen Byrne was born in north Dublin and now lives in Chicago. He is a Chef with over 20 years experience and has worked in Galway, Australia and Canada and lived in San Francisco. His poetry and articles have appeared in many journals and magazines worldwide in print or online including The Poetry Bus, Galway Review, The Blue Hour, Boyne Berries, RædLeafPoetry-India and many more. He is an award winning writer and won the RL Poetry Award, 2016 in the international category. His work has also been translated into Russian for the Nasha Gazeta journal and newspaper, Dublin edition. He was shortlisted for The Redline Book Festival Poetry Competition 2014 as well as shortlisted 2011 and longlisted 2014 for ‘Over the Edge’ Poetry competition. In 2012 he collaborated with 6 Galway based poets known collectively as ‘The Tuesday Knights’ on an poetry anthology called Wayword Tuesdays including a local based artist and photographer. The book was short listed for Writing Magazines Writers’ Circle Anthology Award. He has read at many venues throughout Ireland including Over the Edge in Galway, Northwest Words in Donegal and The Redline Book Festival Dublin. Stephen has also guest edited for Scissors & Spackle and now Emerge Literary Journal under the careful guidance and patience of Ariana D. Den Bleyker. He was also now an Associate editor with ELJ Publications. He is a fitness freak, history and Science geek and has studied under Professor Mohamed Noor in the Introduction to Genetics and Evolution course provided by Duke University and Coursera. In 2017 he set up his own Personal Chef and catering company called Odes of Food. You can contact him here or on his main site, or in many of the usual social media hangouts you can see up above.